Farmtrove is a treasure trove of benefits, designed for farmers across the agri-food value chain...

We are helping farmers' build risk resilience and social protection at zero cost!


We are committed to enabling financial security and fostering economic advancement within the agricultural community, ensuring the sustainability of food production for future generations.


Our commitment is to shield the agricultural community from vulnerabilities and to support them in navigating the complexities of the farming environment.


We prioritize providing access to quality healthcare services, resources, and support, recognizing the pivotal role of health in sustaining productivity and ensuring the longevity of those who nourish our communities.


Ensuring a secure and dignified retirement is fundamental, and Farmtrove is dedicated to providing reliable pension solutions for farmers as they transition into their golden years.


Farmers feed us, they deserve complimentary protection....

We make a concerted effort to go above and beyond in supporting farmers as they work to increase food production in a sustainable manner. We understand the critical role that agriculture plays in feeding the world, and we are committed to ensuring that this is done in a way that is environmentally responsible, economically viable, and socially equitable.

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We are a farmers' first company

Farmers play an indispensable role in society, cultivating the food that nourishes us and sustains life. They work tirelessly, often facing unpredictable weather conditions, market fluctuations, and numerous other challenges to ensure a stable food supply. Given their crucial role in sustaining us, it is only just that they receive complimentary protection and support.


Farmtrove Benefits Bundle

We operate with an unwavering commitment to placing farmers at the core of our mission, making them the focal point of our initiatives, strategies, and innovations.

Our foundational principle is to empower and elevate the agricultural community, ensuring their needs and interests are always our top priority as we strive to advance the sustainability and prosperity of farming.

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Farmtrove Finance

In the dynamic and unpredictable sector of agriculture, maintaining financial stability is crucial. Farmtrove serves as a beacon of financial empowerment, providing a suite of services and resources designed to enhance economic resilience and facilitate sustainable growth for farmers. 

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Farmtrove Insurance

Farmtrove offers comprehensive insurance solutions designed to protect farmers from unforeseen adversities and risks inherent in agricultural endeavors. Our robust and tailored insurance products act as a safeguard, providing peace of mind and financial security to farmers, allowing them to focus on cultivating and producing with confidence.

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Farmtrove Healthcare

Farmtrove is unwavering in its commitment to the health and well-being of farmers and all stakeholders in the agricultural sector. We prioritize providing access to quality healthcare services, resources, and support, recognizing the pivotal role of health in sustaining productivity and ensuring the longevity of those who nourish our communities.

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Farmers feed us... They deserve complimentary protection

Dear Farmers, the heart and soul of our lands, we invite you to embrace the multitude of opportunities that Farmtrove offers. Dive into a world where your needs take priority, where benefits are tailored to elevate your work and life. Don’t miss out on the tools, resources, and support designed especially for you. Join us at Farmtrove, and together let’s sow the seeds for a prosperous and sustainable future. Claim your benefits today and let’s cultivate success together!

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All your Eggs are safe in one basket!



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Our process is simple...
Be farmsured compliant!

Use the Farmsured Technology

We built the Farmsured technology to ensure farmers’ access to quality inputs, ensure compliance to standards and build risk resilience mechanisms.

Follow the compliance process

By closely following set protocols, every farmer can be rest assured of getting the best from their farming cycles.

Earn amazing benefits

Every good turn deserves 
another, your compliance to set industry standards earns your amazing benefits which sets you apart.


Farmtrove is more than just a program; it’s a movement to uplift and empower the stewards of our food supply.

By extending zero-cost benefits in finance, insurance, healthcare, and pensions, we are building a foundation of support and resilience for farmers across the agri-food value chain. Our goal is to foster a sustainable and equitable agricultural sector, where farmers can thrive and continue to nourish the world without worrying about their financial stability, health, or future security.

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